Hollow Brass Lure Bodies

$4.98 - $39.86
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These three bodies are specially designed to use with open eye wire shafts or snap lock shafts. The countersunk hollow in the body will slip down over closure on the form making the lure more weedless and strengthening the closure.

These bodies can be used on any of the open eye shafts. If you are using a snap lock shaft the 3/64 body will only fit the 0.035 snap shaft, the 1/8 body will fit the 0.035 or the 0.040 shaft and the 3/16 body will fit all of the snap lock shafts.

You can make a variety of lures with these bodies. The coil spring fastener can be used on the 0.026 and the 0.031 open eye shafts. The 0.035, 0.040 and 0.051 open eye shafts use the Sleeve Fastener for closure. A metal band can be used if needed as a spacer on the wire shaft inside the body to keep the body from covering the eye of the shaft.

Length Width Hole
( in ounces )
401284 0.60 0.25 0.060 3/64
401285 0.87 0.32 0.060 1/8
401286 0.97 0.38 0.060 3/16