Rabid Baits 3.5" Goby - CLOSEOUT

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Absolutely deadly on any body of water where bass, walleye, lake trout and gobies co-exist, the Rabid Baits hand tied fur Goby delivers a natural profile and subtle action that is second-to-none. Molded with a lifelike body shape, the Rabid Baits Goby features a tapered tail design and a flat bottom, which produces a seductive gliding action that looks exactly like a real goby lurking around the lake floor. Then add the patented finesse action fur and no fish can resist.


 Tough Dead On construction for  durability and soft supple finesse hair enhancement.

  • Incredibly versatile - Carolina rig it, Drop shot it, swim it, ned it, jig it
  • Designed  live finesse action for pro performance or the everyday fisherman & woman who simply wants to catch more fish.
  • Hand tied embedded fur tail provides finesse action  unlike any other bait, patent pending.
  • 3.5 inch length
  • Made in the USA