Closeout 3" Squarebill Diver - 1/2oz ***SECONDS***

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We received these bodies from our supplier.  They are not up to our standard to sell as our normal stock.  These bodies have a lip that was not glued completely or has separated somewhere after production.  You can see in the picture where the lip is split.  Some are split more and some less.  They are easy to fix but we just do not have time to do it this time.  Just a smidge of super glue on the separation, a wiggle of the lip, wipe off the excess, and they will be good to go.  Be sure to let the glue dry after wiping off the excess. Please Note that there are no returns on these seconds.

Key Information:

  • 3" Approximate length
  • 1/2 oz. Approximate weight
  • Rattles and a knocker
  • 1/4" Lure Eye Recommended
  • Split Ring Size 3 Recommended
  • Treble Hook Size 4 Recommended