Tail Spinner Lure - Sliding Body

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Tail spinner lure with a sliding body is designed to minimize a fish throwing the lure by shaking its head. The treble hook is attached to the line not the lure so the lure will slide up the line as the fish jumps and shakes its head.

Wire diameter is: 0.035".
Wire Length is: 2.5" and can be trimmed to the desired length.
Line Hole Diameter is: 0.040"

The list of components below is what we used to make the sample lure in the picture above. There are many different parts that can be used. To find the components below simply type the number in the search box and search.

1/2oz. Lure Component Suggestions   3/4oz. Lure Component Suggestions
Item Description   Stock
Item Description
405956 3D Adhesive Lure Eye - 3/16"   405958 3D Adhesive Lure Eye - 1/4"
410376 #4 Clevice   410376 #4 Clevice
410214 Hook Beads - 4mm   410214 Hook Beads - 4mm
402312 #3 Colorado Blade   402313 #3.5 Colorado Blade
410202 Blade Beads - 5/32"   410202 Blade Beads - 5/32"
428185 #6 Treble Hook   428185 #6 Treble Hook
406127 Vinyl Paint   406127 Vinyl Paint