Powder Paint Spray Gun

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Powder Paint spray gun allows you to paint items such as spoons, blades etc. that are difficult to dip paint. The spray gun comes complete with 5 bottles, hose, compressor attachment and spare pick up tubes. Spare bottles and pick up tubes are available. The spray gun only requires 5 to 8 psi so even a very small compressor will work.

Instructions for Use

Warm the part to be painted in a preheated oven at 350–400° F for approximately 5 minutes. A small propane torch can also be used by holding the part with a needle nose pliers or by hanging on a fine wire and moving back and forth over the flame for a few seconds. Immediately after heating, hold or hang part sideways to allow spraying in a horizontal direction. Hold gun tip 4–6 inches from metal surface and spray in a sweeping motion.

The powder will adhere immediately and flow into a smooth finish. If metal has cooled to the point where the powder does not flow out completely, return piece to oven or wave the back side of piece over a torch flame until desired effect is achieved. More paint can be added as necessary. For maximum durability, cure painted part by hanging it in an oven for 15 minutes at 350° F.

Unused powder can be stored in covered jars. To change colors, simply blow out plastic tube and attach a new jar. Fill jars only half full for best results. To eliminate dust, work in front of an open cardboard box lying on one side with a vacuum hose inserted into a hole cut in the bottom side. The airflow created by the vacuum will keep powder in the box.