Pacific Bay Rod Tips Style BP3XT Minima Stainless Ring - Tube Szs 4.5-10

$1.35 - $5.75
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BP3XT Frame: Pac Bay Stainless Steel: Pacbays stainless steel formulation includes Nickel and Chromium for a shiny, rust resistant surface. Black stainless steel frames have a wear-resistant hard black chrome coating.

BP3XT Ring: Pac Bay Minima stainless steel alloy. This ring offers slim profile and light weight compared to conventional ceramic guides.

Pac Bay BP3XT top matches guides BSV3XG, BTV3XG, and BT3XG. 

All tops have a ring size of 8mm.
All tube sizes are in 64ths of an inch. 
For example: A size 8 top has an 8/64" (0.125") inside tube diameter.