Lunker City Grubster - 2.75" - CLOSEOUT

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At last, Lunker City's Grubster™ is available to hit the lakes and rivers near you! Three years in development and field testing, this little gem will quickly earn a place in the tackle selection of all who try it.

At 2¾″ long, this ringed, chubby bodied grub shares its tail, its swimming action and its fish catching heritage with our SwimFish and Swimmin' Ribster. A smallmouth killer all season long, the Grubster™ is equally deadly on largemouth, walleye, sauger and perch. It's even great on a small umbrella rig!

Swim it, and the grubster mimics a small baitfish. Nudge it along the bottom and to the fish, it's a crawfish, molusk, nymph or goby. Its the go-to finesse bait the fish in your waters haven't seen yet!