Lunker City Grubster - 2"

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10 Count Pack

At last, Lunker City's Grubster™ is available to hit the lakes and rivers near you! Three years in development and field testing, this little gem will quickly earn a place in the tackle selection of all who try it.

At 2″ long, this ringed, chubby bodied grub shares its tail, its swimming action and its fish catching heritage with our SwimFish and Swimmin' Ribster. A smallmouth killer all season long, the Grubster™ is equally deadly on largemouth, walleye, sauger and perch. It's even great on a small umbrella rig!

Swim it, and the grubster mimics a small baitfish. Nudge it along the bottom and to the fish, it's a crawfish, molusk, nymph or goby. Its the go-to finesse bait the fish in your waters haven't seen yet!