Economy Skirt Tool

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The economy skirt tool is a very simple tool that is easy to use for making skirts. The tool is 4.5 inches long and consists of a barrel for loading the skirt collars, a removable cone and a pull wire. See instructions below.

This tool will not work with the rubber layers or the multi-strand rubber.

How to use the Skirt Tool

Step 1:  With the removable cone in place, roll a skirt collar onto the barrel.  When making multiple skirts it is easier if you load multiple collars onto the barrel to begin with.

Step 2:  Remove the cone and put the pull wire through the barrel.  Attach your choice of skirt layers onto the pull wire.

Step 3: Pull the layers into the barrel to about half the length of the layers.

Step 4: Roll the collar onto the skirt layer, pull the layers back out of the barrel, remove the wire hook and trim the ends of the skirt.