Bombshell Turtle - 3"

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6 Count Pack
FOR BEST RESULTS: use a weighted jig hook, or 1/16 - 1/8 oz. weight pegged at the turtle’s head and 3/0 worm hook Texas-rigged up into the hook pocket. 95% of the hits on this Bombshell TurtleTM is on the drop, so a tantalizing slow descent with its automatic leg action will draw more strikes. It can be rigged like many other soft plastic lures, “pop” the lure for multiple descents during the retrieve near underwater structure to lure big fish out of cover – let the lure do the work, pop and retrieve it s-l-o-w. The bombshell TurtleTM features a hook channel that reduces the amount of plastic that the hook has to pull through during the hook set, thus increasing strike/catch ratios.