Bench Mount Production Skirt Tool

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Bench mount skirt making tool is designed for production skirt making. Base tool is molded plastic. Tool has an aluminum tube with a removable nose for loading skirt collars onto tube. Slide mounted hook for pulling skirt layers through tube. There is an adjustable stop for the sliding hook mount so that you can make the collar location on the skirt the same each time. Overall length 11 1/4" not including tube. 4 bolt holes for mounting on bench. Mounting hardware not included.

1. Using removable aluminum nose load collars onto tube. Lubricant such as machine oil may be used, but remove any extra collars and residual oil after you are through.
2. Remove aluminum nose and push wire hook through tube and load skirt layers.
3. Pull skirt layers into tube to desired length and slide collar onto skirt layers.
4. Remove skirt from wire hook and trim layer ends to finish skirt.